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Commercial Kitchen Design

Designing a commercial kitchen and bar takes aligning 3 major pillars and those are space, menu and budget. That is no particular order as every restauranteur will face different challenges in their ventures.


Optimizing your square footage is critical to turn your kitchen/bar into a machine. Being educated and up to date on the newest cutting edge technology is key to picking the right pieces of equipment that will function optimally with your space restrictions and possibly energy restrictions.


Your menu will dictate the types of equipment needed and possible output those units can produce. How do you plan to store your product is also important when designing your kitchen/bar.


Kitchen equipment is going to be a major expense in your build out. Finding what your budget is and the quality of unit desired is critical. Also getting access to additional funds can be helpful. Consider a lease to own option.

At Commercial Kitchen Stop we can help you tackle all 3 of these pillars to make sure your restaurant is operating as efficiently is possible. We commonly team up with architects to help bring a restaurant to life. Please call and ask to speak to one of our kitchen designers to see if you want to partake in this added service we offer.

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