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Why installing a water filter with your commercial ice machine is an absolute must?

Constant service calls? Customer sickness? Voided warranty? Do you know how you can avoid all of these scenarios? Install a water filter with your commercial ice machine.

Many restaurateurs operate their commercial ice machine without a water filter installed simply for the sake of cost savings. Rest assured; the short-term gain will come at the cost of long-term pain.


1.) Improve Quality by Removing Contaminants

- A commercial ice machine can produce quality ice without a water filter, but this will not last too long. After years of use, contaminants – tiny particulates that cannot be filtered through the city’s water systems – in the water supply will build up inside your ice machine.

- Over time, this scale will build up inside the ice machine and even cause damage to the more delicate parts of the unit. Eventually, your ice cubes will develop a putrid odor, dissatisfying taste, and a cloudy appearance due to this scale.

- Consuming this ice could be dangerous for your customers. The bacteria, fungus and algae buildup in the system could lead to customers contracting serious and long-term illness.

2.) Reduces Maintenance & Repair Needs

- Regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance will assist in keeping your commercial ice machine in good working condition. However, without a water filter, you will find it necessary to clean the unit more frequently.

- By using a water filter, your commercial ice machine will continue to produce ice at full capacity and extend the overall lifetime of the appliance.

3.) Keep Warranty in Good Standing

- Ice-O-Matic offers the industry’s leading warranty at 7 years. However, they require a water filter to be installed and filters changed every 6 months.

- Proof of the preventative maintenance may be required and is typically satisfied with a CKS invoice for the replacement filter cartridges


Water filters are not mandatory for a commercial ice machine to produce ice, but they will help to provide a pure quality cube and increase the life expectancy of the unit.

Although you may not face any of these challenges currently, you should strongly consider the benefits a water filter brings to the table. A more efficient machine, requiring less service calls and significantly improving the flavor & quality of your ice are great reasons for this minor investment.

Be sure to replace your filter every six months and you will avoid cloudy ice with any odor or distasteful flavor.

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